How Do You Plant Grapes?

How Do You Plant Grapes?

How Do You Plant Grapes?

Grow grapes by planting year-old vines in the spring and placing the plants at the base of a trellis. The vines produce their first crop two years after planting. You need wooden posts, a trowel, fruiting wire, pruning shears and grape vines.

  1. Build a trellis

    Place wooden posts every few feet along the vine's growing area. Between each pair of posts, string a wire 30 to 36 inches above the ground. Wrap the wire around the posts. String three more wires above the first one, spacing them evenly. Place the top wire 6 feet above the ground. Alternatively, use an arbor to support the vine.

  2. Plant the vine

    Dig holes 12 inches deep and wide. Space the holes 6 to 10 feet apart, and add 4 inches of topsoil to each hole. Cut off any broken roots, and place the vine in the hole. Add 6 inches of soil around the vine, and press until the soil is compact. Add more soil until the hole is full, but do not compress the top layer.

  3. Prune and train the vines

    Once you plant the grapes, cut back the top portion so that each vine has two or three buds. Prune in early spring when the plants are dormant. As the vines grow, secure canes to the wire supports.