How Do You Plant Garlic From Cloves?


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Plant garlic from cloves by breaking apart the cloves from the bulb prior to planting and placing them in 2-inch deep holes with the pointed end facing upward. Garlic can be planted either in the early spring or in the fall before the first frost.

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How Do You Plant Garlic From Cloves?
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Choose a planting location that receives full sun and has well-drained, slightly acidic soil. Work the soil prior to planting with organic matter. If planting in the fall, do so at least six weeks before the first hard frost of the season. If planting in the spring, do so once the ground thaws enough to be tilled.

Prepare the cloves by breaking them off the bulb immediately before planting. Do not remove the papery husk. Dig a hole that is 2 inches deep and at least 4 inches apart from other plants or cloves. Place the clove in the hole with the root end down and the point facing up, and cover with soil.

For fall planting, cover with straw to protect the bulbs from the cold, and remove the straw after the last frost in the spring. Water the bulbs every three or five days, and fertilize using a nitrogen-based fertilizer if the leaves start to yellow. Snip off any flower shoots that grow off the main shoots. Harvest the garlic once the tops of the shoots yellow and list to the side.

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