How Do You Know When to Plant Garden Vegetables?


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In order to know when to plant garden vegetables, you must first know what your hardiness zone is. Locate that information on a site such as The Vegetable Garden by clicking a link on the left side. Put in your ZIP code to find out which of the 10 planting zones you are in. After you have figured out your zone, you can determine when to plant your vegetables.

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Each zone table tells what months are ideal for planting each vegetable you wish to grow. It also tells you if something does not grow well in that zone. Sometimes, it is best to start a seed indoors about six weeks before moving the new plant to your garden outside.

Many times, planting also revolves around the frost schedule. You need to wait until after the last frost of the spring before planting and generally need to harvest your vegetables before the first frost of the fall. Determine your frost date, then review what vegetables you plan to plant. If your vegetables take 90 days to mature, be sure you plant them between the last frost and first frost, for instance. Some zones allow gardeners to plant and grow all year round.

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