How Do You Plant Foxglove Seeds?

How Do You Plant Foxglove Seeds?

How Do You Plant Foxglove Seeds?

Sow foxglove seed on top of the potting mix in a flat space, and press into place. Keep the soil moist, and transplant the seedlings to individual pots in approximately four weeks. Transfer the plants to the beds before frost, and they return to flower the following year.

  1. Sow the seed

    Place the flat in a sunny location, and fill it with seed starting mix. Sprinkle the seed on top of the mix. Gently press the seed in place, and moisten the soil. Keep the flat moist while the plants germinate.

  2. Transplant to pots

    Fill 6-inch pots with potting soil. Gently remove the young plants from the flat, and transplant them into the pots. Water and fertilize the plants throughout the growing season.

  3. Move to the bed

    Turn the soil in bed to a 12-inch depth before the first frost. Work in 3 inches of compost. Space the plants at 12-inch intervals. Dig holes twice the diameter of the pot. Remove the root ball from the container, and position the plant so the top of the root ball is level with the surface of the ground. Fill the remainder of the hole with soil, packing gently, and water each plant thoroughly. Plants become dormant after frost but return to bloom the next growing season.