How Do You Plant Ferns in Pots?

How Do You Plant Ferns in Pots?

Ferns do well in pots if you give them adequate moisture. Consider double-potting, with the inner pot providing about 1 inch for root growth. Fill the space between pots with moist sphagnum moss to increase the humidity. Propagate new ferns by planting spores in pots.

  1. Collect the spores

    Fern spores grow on the back of the leaves. As they mature, they turn dark in color. Collect spores by cutting a leaf and transferring it to a paper bag before the spores fall to the ground. Allow a few days for the leaf to dry.

  2. Plant the spores

    Place the spores in a peat-based starting mix. Add water to a sprouting tray and place in a plastic bag to conserve moisture. Keep the tray at 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit to encourage the spores to sprout.

  3. Transplant the ferns

    Transplant groups of ferns once the fronds are 1 inch tall. Divide them into individual pots once fronds are 2 to 3 inches in height. Ferns prefer shallow pots with a small amount of space for root growth. Keep the soil moist and mist the fern to increase the humidity. Place the pot in an area that receives indirect light. Feed the plant monthly during its growing season.

  4. Divide as necessary

    Divide larger ferns when pots become crowded. Remove them from the pot, and cut carefully between the roots, keeping as many leaves as possible with each plant.