How Do You Plant English Bluebells?


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English bluebells are perennial flowers that bloom every spring and are known for their bluish-purple color and trumpet-shaped blossoms. To plant them, you need English bluebell bulbs, soil, organic matter and a trowel.

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How Do You Plant English Bluebells?
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  1. Choose a spot

    Plant English bluebells under deciduous trees, as they prefer partial shade. Do not plant them near other flowers. Keep them secluded in rows or clusters, or just grow them alone.

  2. Remove weeds

    Clear all of the weeds out of the area where you will be planting the English bluebells.

  3. Prepare the soil

    Use a trowel to work the ground and loosen the soil. If you are adding organic matter, mix in 2 to 4 inches of it.

  4. Dig a hole

    The hole should be as deep as two vertical English bluebell bulbs.

  5. Put the bulb in the hole

    Put the bulb in the hole and hold it in place. Make sure the pointed top of the bulb is facing upward.

  6. Fill the hole

    Fill the hole with soil, keeping the bulb in place. Pat the soil down firmly.

  7. Water the bulbs

    Keep the bulbs damp at all times. Touch within 2 to 4 inches of the soil, and if it is dry, add more water.

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