How Do You Plant Elephant Ear Bulbs?

plant-elephant-ear-bulbs Credit: else10/Flickr/CC-BY-2.0

Elephant ear plants are characterized by their flopping leaves. Add elephant ear plants to your garden by planting bulbs. You need bulbs, a trowel, a garden hose and fertilizer.

  1. Find a good location

    In order to grow elephant ear plants, you need to pick a good location for the bulbs. Make sure the location receives sun as well as shade. You also need a place that gives the bulbs some protection from the wind.

  2. Dig the holes

    Use the trowel to dig a hole for each bulb that is deeper than the height of the bulb. There needs to be at least ? inch of space between the top of the bulb and the surface of the soil. When digging the holes, make sure to allow at least 3 feet between them so that the plants have room to grow.

  3. Place the bulb

    Place a single bulb in each hole. The pointed tip needs to be facing the surface with the root mass toward the ground. Fill in the hole with soil.

  4. Water and fertilize the bulb

    After planting the bulbs, use the garden hose to water them. Continue to water them whenever the soil dries out. Fertilize the bulbs after planting them and once a month thereafter.