Where Do You Plant Dwarf Dogwood Trees?

Where Do You Plant Dwarf Dogwood Trees?

Although dogwoods generally tolerate most kinds of soil, plant a dwarf dogwood in a moist, shady area. Dogwoods do not like dry or arid conditions, but many species can handle full sun. Never plant a tree in areas with increasing heat such as next to buildings.

When planting a dwarf dogwood, carefully unpack the tree from its original container and dig a hole wider than seems necessary. Turn the soil before putting the tree in the ground to aid in root growth.

Plant the tree and partially cover the roots with soil, gently patting it down around the lower roots. Finish covering the hole and water.

When properly cared for, dwarf dogwoods are hardy trees. Young trees can be planted in one place, left for one to two years and then moved during their dormant period to a permanent location.

The red cloud dogwood is one species that is considered a dwarf tree. It grows to be between 12 and 15 feet tall, unlike other types which can top out at over 25 feet tall. In the spring, this tree produces bright red flowers and dark green leaves. Its small size makes it versatile for almost any landscape, and it grows best in zones five through nine.