How Do You Plant Cucumbers?


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To grow cucumbers, start them inside, transplant them in a location with fertilized organic soil and full sunlight, give them water on a regular basis, and remove and prevent pests. Growing cucumbers is fairly easy with regular maintenance.

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  1. Start them indoors

    At the end of winter towards the beginning of spring, fill peat pots or small flats with loose organic soil, and plant the seeds in them. Keep the containers in full sunlight, and water them regularly.

  2. Transplant them outdoors

    Wait a few weeks until all traces of frost have passed and the soil is over 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Choose an area that gets full sunlight, and plant them an inch deep in organic soil. Add manure or a similar organic fertilizer. Make sure the soil is loose and has adequate drainage. Give the plants plenty of space to provide enough air circulation.

  3. Water them regularly

    Keep the plants well watered. When watering by hand, avoid wetting the foliage. Water the plants early in the day so that there's plenty of time for the sun to dry them out.

  4. Prevent pests

    Gently cover young plants with cheesecloth or fine netting. Remove the protective layer before the midsummer heat. Check for pests regularly. Aphids can be removed with a hard stream of water, and some pests can also be removed by hand.

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