How Do You Plant Coral Bells?


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Plant coral bells by tilling the soil, amending it with compost and digging a hole the size of the plant's root ball. After placing the soil around the roots, water the plant well.

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Before planting a coral bell, choose a site that receives full or partial sun and has well-drained soil. Loosen the top 15 inches of soil, and work in four inches of compost to improve drainage and add nutrients. Dig a hole that accommodates the plant's root ball. If planting more than one coral bell, place them at least 12 inches apart to allow for sufficient growing room.

Place the root ball in the hole, and carefully fill in the soil. Avoid tamping down the soil too firmly. To plant coral bell seeds, sprinkle them on the surface of well-draining soil. After two to eight weeks in a warm area with plenty of light, they should germinate.

Water the plant well, and add a two-inch layer of mulch around it to help the soil stay moist as well as inhibit weed growth. Make sure the plant gets one inch of moisture per week. Compost and mulch the plant every spring. Prune the plant after flowering, and divide it after four years to encourage better air flow.

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