How Do You Plant Carrots?

How Do You Plant Carrots?

To plant carrots, create a deep, freshly tilled, rock-free garden and plant the seeds approximately 3 inches apart in rows that are at least 1 foot from one another. Carrots can be planted starting in the middle of April or approximately 4 weeks before the projected final frost of the season.

Carrots are root vegetables that require sandy, alkaline soil.

Step 1: Prepare the soil

Till the garden well before planting carrot seeds. Remove any rocks, pebbles and gravel from the soil to prevent the crop from developing shallow roots. Raised beds work well for carrots and other root vegetables because they encourage deep roots.

Step 2: Plant the seeds

Each seed requires between 3 and 4 inches of spacing. For the best yield, conduct several plantings, leaving 2 or 3 weeks between each one. Add a light mulch after planting to reduce sun exposure and to enhance moisture retention, and water the seeds immediately. Carrots require saturated soil to ensure the roots receive sufficient moisture. Water approximately once per week after planting.

Carrots mature in less than 3 months, so avoid planting additional seeds within 3 months of the projected first fall frost. Some cultivars require constant thinning, and it is important to keep the garden free of weeds because immature carrots cannot survive the competition.