How Do You Plant Carnation Seeds?


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Prepare the soil by adding peat and making sure it is a little acidic. Plant the carnation seeds about 1 foot apart and 1/8 inch deep. Mist the soil with water, and expect the carnations to germinate in about three weeks.

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How Do You Plant Carnation Seeds?
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  1. Prepare the soil

    Carnations need slightly alkaline soil to thrive. The soil should therefore be at a pH of 6.75. Peat is an ideal organic matter to add to the soil to help carnations grow.

  2. Plant the seeds

    Plant the seeds in the prepared soil. The seeds should planted 1/8 inch deep. The soil should be well drained, and the seeds should be about 1 foot apart.

  3. Water the seeds

    Carnations do not need much water. However, the soil where the seeds have been planted should be misted with water occasionally. Carnation seeds should germinate in two to three weeks.

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