How Do You Plant and Care for Almond Trees?


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Almond trees need plenty of sunlight, growing best in nutrient-rich soil, primarily in areas that have a hot, dry climate. For cross-propagation, it is best to plant at least two almond trees together. The trees should be watered regularly, fertilized in spring and fall, and pruned in the winter to remove any dead or diseased limbs and encourage new growth.

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Almond trees need mild winters and hot, dry, sunny summers. The more sunlight they get, the better. If the soil is heavy, organic mulch and sand should be added. The planting hole should be as deep as the roots, and twice as wide. Spread the roots out, and cover them with soil until the soil is an inch higher than ground level. The surrounding ground should be covered with mulch to keep competing vegetation away. Water the tree every week during the first year after planting, and every two to four weeks after that.

Almond trees grow to a height of about 15 feet. Dead branches may be pruned at any time. Late winter is the best time for eliminating low branches, branches that cross over each other and branches with cankers, which are dark, cracked areas of fungal infection. The trees may need to be sprayed in the fall, after the leaves drop off, to prevent fungal infection. Harvesting the almonds is as simple as shaking the trees and separating the hulls from the nuts.

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