How Do You Plant Bur Oak Acorns?

How Do You Plant Bur Oak Acorns?

How Do You Plant Bur Oak Acorns?

To plant burr oak acorns, add compost or leaf mold to the ground before inserting the acorns 1/2 inch into the ground, and apply water on a weekly basis. You need a rake and container to complete this project.

  1. Collect the acorns

    Gather fallen acorns between the months of August and November. Return in a week if there are more acorns on the tree instead of the ground. Collect a minimum of 12 acorns from the ground.

  2. Weed out the bad acorns

    Discard rotting, moldy and damaged acorns, and get rid of ones that have holes. Place the viable ones in water, and throw away the hollow ones that float. Remove the acorns that fall to the bottom, and set them aside for planting.

  3. Plant the acorns

    Plant the acorns in a location that gets plenty of sun. The soil should be well-drained. Till the soil at a minimum of 10 inches, and use a garden rake to break up clumps of dirt and remove rocks.

  4. Add compost

    Apply 2 or 3 inches of leaf mold or compost. Use the rake to mix the compost into the ground.

  5. Plant the acorns

    Push the acorns into the ground. Cover the seed with dirt. Apply water, and keep watering each week if there is no rain. After two or three weeks, look for sprouts that begin to appear.