How Do You Plant Bulbs in Water?


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To plant bulbs in water, let the bulbs point upward atop beads or pebbles, and add sufficient water below the bottom of the bulbs to immerse them. Expose the bulbs to indirect light in a well-lit area, and keep adding water over the weeks to maintain the water level above the root area. Use vases designed for suspending bulbs over the water, or use tall vases filled with decorative glass beads or pebbles at the bottom.

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Choose healthy bulbs that are large and free of molds, soft spots and blemishes. When growing bulbs that are not prechilled, allow them to chill for up to three months by placing them in paper bags in the refrigerator.

Select containers that can accommodate the length of the bulbs' flower stalks to prevent the bulbs from toppling over due to the soil's lack of stability. Choose clear containers, especially those with hourglass shapes, to observe the formation of the roots and shoots.

Suspending bulbs over the water prevents them from rotting due to prolonged immersion in the water. The bulbs remain dry and gradually develop stems and leaves, as the roots slowly grow and hold onto the pebbles. The ideal temperatures for growing bulbs in the water are higher than 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Bulbs usually produce flowers within two to three weeks after the chilling period.

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