How Do You Plant a Box Hedge?


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Plant a box hedge by choosing the correct time, selecting a good location, preparing the planting area, digging the holes, adding organic material, and spacing the plants appropriately. You need a garden trowel or fork, compost and water.

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  1. Plant at the right time

    Plant a box hedge in either the fall or spring.

  2. Choose a good location

    Plant the hedge in a shaded location. Too much direct sunlight can scorch the foliage. The soil needs to be moist.

  3. Prepare the planting area

    Till the soil of the planting area. The area needs to extend several inches deep and 3 feet wide.

  4. Add compost

    Work a layer of compost into the soil.

  5. Dig the hole

    Dig a hole for the shrub that can accommodate the plant's root ball. If you are planting more than one box hedge, space the plants at least 12 inches apart. A few compact types of box hedge can be spaced 6 inches apart.

  6. Plant the shrub

    Place the shrub in the hole, and fill the hole with dirt.

  7. Water the plants

    Immediately after planting, water the young plants well. The soil needs to remain moist at all times so that the plants do not dry out.

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