How Do You Plant Asparagus in the Fall?

How Do You Plant Asparagus in the Fall?

To plant asparagus in the fall, wait until the days are cool, then plant asparagus crowns with buds facing upward in well-fertilized, prepared soil. Allow plenty of room between the crowns and between other vegetable crops.

  1. Prepare a planting bed

    Fertilize the soil well and check the pH level to be certain it is around 6. Dig six-inch deep, V-shaped furrows spaced at least 3 feet apart.

  2. Wait for the days to cool

    Plant asparagus when the weather gets cool. Check with your local nursery for an estimated time in your area.

  3. Plant asparagus crowns

    Place the asparagus crowns at the bottom of the furrows at least 12 inches apart with the buds facing upwards. Cover them with only about 1 to 3 inches of soil.

  4. Fill in the furrow as the plant grows

    Next spring, as the asparagus plant starts to grow, gradually fill in the furrow, but be very cautious to not cover the foliage. By the end of that first growing season, expect the furrows to fill to ground level.

  5. Do not harvest asparagus the first growing season

    Allow the asparagus to grow the first year without being harvested at all. Instead, let all the stalks grow into a bush. In the fall remove all the dry, brown stalks.

  6. Harvest the second growing season

    During the second growing season, harvest all of the asparagus stalks that grow. Cut the asparagus spears just a bit below ground level with a sharp knife. Be careful not to damage the asparagus crown.