How Do You Plant Asian Jasmine?


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In order to plant Asian jasmine, the plants need to be laid out in a grid-like pattern with staggered rows and sufficient spacing, holes need to be dug, soil needs to be pressed down firmly and the plants need to be watered thoroughly. The soil needs to be kept moist until new growth appears.

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How Do You Plant Asian Jasmine?
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Asian jasmine creates great cover; in order to plant it, a gardener must lay the plants out in a grid with staggering rows. The space between plants depends on the size of the plants and how long the gardener wants to wait until the plants form a mat. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, a good rule of thumb is that the closer together Asian jasmine is planted, the sooner it fills out. For instance, plants that are 4 inches tall take two years to out when planted 18 inches apart.

Once the grid is laid out, the plants should be put into holes that are no larger than the pots in which the plants came. The holes are filled with soil, which is pressed down firmly. Afterwards, the plants need to be watered thoroughly and mulched. Fertilizer helps to encourage growth, especially if it's high in nitrogen.

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