How Do You Plant Apple Seeds?


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Plant apple seeds by first putting the seeds in the refrigerator for two to four months. In the spring after the last frost, make furrows in the soil and plant the apple seeds at least one foot apart. You need apple seeds, a mason jar and peat moss.

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  1. Put the seeds in the refrigerator

    In the fall or early winter, place several apple seeds in a mason jar. Put the lid on loosely and put the jar in the refrigerator. Wait for at least two months while the seeds after-ripen.

  2. Add the peat moss

    After two months, moisten two handfuls of peat moss with a little water. The peat moss should not be too wet. Remove the seeds from the mason jar and put one handful of peat moss into the jar. Add the seeds and cover them with the remaining peat moss. Cap the jar loosely, and place the jar into the refrigerator.

  3. Make the furrows

    After the last frost in the spring, make furrows in the soil that are two times as deep as the length of the seeds. Moisten the soil lightly with water.

  4. Plant the seeds

    Plant the seeds in the furrows, spacing them at least one foot apart. If your soil is airy and light, cover the seeds directly with the soil. Aerate your soil with the addition of sand or perlite to help increase the chances of germinating the seeds successfully.

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