How Do You Plant Annual Ryegrass?


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To plant annual ryegrass, till the soil, raking it free of rocks and other debris, and broadcast 20 pounds of seed for every acre covered. Plant annual ryegrass in spring or fall, keeping in mind that the plant seeds quickly when sown in fall.

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If sewing ryegrass seeds prior to spring rains, water the area immediately after broadcasting the seeds. While ryegrass needs no special care during winter, mow it when spring comes, maintaining a stubble of between 3 and 4 inches. When attempting to plant annual ryegrass in a heavily grazed area, maintain a two-week period of time between each successive broadcast.

Annual ryegrass increases soil percolation and provides erosion control. For this reason, farmers commonly plant it as a cover crop. It germinates easily in warm or cool soils, but make sure that the soil is well drained for the best results. The grass can act as a winter annual if seeded during fall in a zone 6 climate.

Annual ryegrass generally does not suffer from disease, but it is susceptible to rust. Some varieties of the plant are resistant to rust, making them a better choice for individuals whose crops commonly fall prey to the undesired fungus. When broadcasting annual ryegrass seeds, some farmers mix ryegrass seeds with legumes.

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