How Do You Plant Anemone De Caen?

Anemones add vibrant color to gardens, window planters and indoor container displays. Blooms in the De Caen group have particularly dazzling colors and require minimal care. To plant your own De Caen anemones, you need bulbs, rich potting soil, compost, water, deep terra cotta pots and a small trowel. These flowers appear roughly three months after planting.

  1. Prepare the pots

    Fill the pots with a mixture of rich, loamy topsoil and compost.

  2. Soak the bulbs

    Soak the bulbs in water for 24 hours.

  3. Plant the bulbs

    Remove the bulbs from the water and plant them in the pots with their claw ends facing up. Plant them 2 inches deep and leave 4 inches of space between adjacent bulbs. Water the bulbs lightly immediately after you plant them and keep the soil moist throughout the next 12 weeks.

  4. Transfer budding specimens to a bright environment

    De Caen anemones benefit from lots of bright light, especially as they develop their first leaves. Watch the plants carefully and move them into a light environment as soon as leaves appear.

  5. Plant the mature anemones in their intended destination

    If you wish to plant the anemones in a garden or window box, do so after the leaves and flowers develop. De Caen anemones thrive in sunny locations with moderately moist, well-drained soil.