What Are Some Plans for a Wooden Smokehouse?


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Some plans for building a wooden smokehouse include framed smokers, closet smokers or box smokers. Materials can include wood (usually cedar or pine), cinder block, concrete, gravel and steel bars to hang meat.

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What Are Some Plans for a Wooden Smokehouse?
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The first consideration for building a wooden smokehouse is how to protect other structures around it in the event of fire. Most plans call for building the smokehouse well away from houses and fences on a non-flammable pad such as a concrete slab, cinder blocks and gravel. The advantage of building on a foundation of cinder blocks is that they also form a box to hold wood chips used for smoking. Most designs also include an attached wood box to make stoking the fire more convenient.

Although most use untreated cedar wood or pine, designers disagree about smokehouse aesthetics. Some insist on framing out walls and building facades that resemble houses. However, there's no insulation or wiring inside the framed walls and no need for drywall. Other designers insist that a closet or vertical box is more than sufficient. Most plans use the horizontal framing timbers as racks for steel hanging rods. As with fireplaces, vents should be placed for the best draw. The walls should be tight enough to give a good, even smoking but not so tight that no smoke escapes.

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