What Are Some Free Plans for a Garage Workbench?

What Are Some Free Plans for a Garage Workbench?

Examples of free garage workbench design plans include the work table and the garage or basement bench plans posted on Bob Vila's DIY website. The website also offers users access to free plans for tool cabinet workbenches, door-top benches and laminated medium-density fiberboard workbenches.

Woodworkers need only a saw and drill to build a garage workbench according to the Bob Vila plans. The simplest plan in the list is the lightweight EAA Chapter 1000 standardized work table. It utilizes a simple, rigid construction to provide a stable working surface.

The garage or basement bench features a stable work surface, a built-in pegboard, a recessed shelf and a shop light. The Family Handyman estimates that the bench costs $50 to construct and recommends that woodworkers attempting the project be familiar with using a circular saw, straightedge, cordless drill, miter saw and tape measure.

The tool cabinet workbench offers woodworkers access to a secondary work surface in a small package, with multiple drawers arranged in a rolling cabinet and a solid top. The tool cabinet workbench also features storage space in the form of an attached magnetic strip and a side-mounted pegboard.

The door-top bench is simple to make, using a solid-core door as the main work surface. This particular garage workbench is sturdy and inexpensive.