What Are Some Plans for Building a Potting Bench?

What Are Some Plans for Building a Potting Bench?

Some plans for building a potting bench include using different types of wood materials or incorporating some unique features, such as a sink or mesh top. Some types of materials useful for a potting bench include cedar boards or even discarded pallets, as noted by the Free Woodworking Plan website.


The Garden Plans Free site offers a do-it-yourself project for a potting bench with a sink that any gardener with basic carpentry skills can build. A sink can be a very useful addition for gardeners. The wood materials, which are appropriate for this project, can be cedar, pine or redwood. Some materials and tools required are different lengths of lumber and plywood, a bar sink, a miter saw, a carpenter square, a router, a drill, screws and waterproof glue. The site has the free plan available for crafters, and the project can take as little as one day.

At the Free Woodworking Plan website is an extensive listing for different potting bench plans. Some plans provided by this site include using old pallets as material, incorporating a mesh top and making a potting bench that is portable. By clicking on a particular potting bench, crafters can get complete plans and building instructions.

Better Homes and Gardens also provides plans for a potting bench made from two pallets. This bench is 37 inches tall. After completing the bench, it can be stained or painted. Complete instructions are available from disassembling the pallets to installing the countertop.