What Are Some Places That Sell Porta Potties?

What Are Some Places That Sell Porta Potties?

All Safety Products, Inc. is a company that sells a number of portable restrooms, while Porta-John and Bazlo Sanitary are two other companies that offer portable toilets for sale. Both companies offer portable toilets for sale in a variety of styles and at varying price points.

Merchants such as Porta-John, Bazlo Sanitary and All Safety Products, Inc. sell portable toilets in a variety of styles, ranging from a bare-bones style toilet to portable bathroom trailers that come complete with sinks and mirrors. Extremely basic portable toilets service construction sites while more luxurious models might contain hand rails, extra room for the disabled or an internal handwashing station for a wedding or other special outdoor occasion.

One model of portable toilet folds for easy storage. Another model comes with increased wall thickness for warmer climates. In addition to portable toilets, Bazlo Sanitary also offers external portable hand washing stations and portable showers for sale.

Porta-John offers portable lavatory toilet buildings that move easily with a forklift. These lavatory buildings come complete with doors, soap dispensers and mirrors. Various models contain extra-large toilet-paper dispensers. Some portable toilets connect to outside water sources, such as a garden hose. In these models, fresh water runs through the sink system so that the user washes their hands with fresh, external water.

All Safety Products, Inc. sells portable toilets that contain internal flushing systems. The company also sells trailers for lifting and moving individual portable toilets. Some companies, such as All Safety Products, Inc., offer a manufacturer's warranty with a purchase of a portable toilet. Many companies sell portable toilets at a discount if the buyer wishes to buy in bulk, according to Porta Potty Insider.