What Are Some Places That Offer Free Topsoil?

The website Tons of Dirt offers a map-like directory of places that offer free topsoil, along with manure and mulches, in five different countries. The sites marked with a green arrow indicate they offer free dirt. Local classifieds can also be a good resource for free topsoil.

To find free topsoil using the Tons of Dirt website, click on a green indicator site in your area. To the right of the map, text appears giving you details of the dirt, as well as the location and accessibility. Contact information for the person or company offering the topsoil or dirt is also shown, should you have any further questions. Inorganic free fill is the most common and most plentiful offering.

Putting in a call to local landscaping companies may also yield results, as they sometimes have excess topsoil left over from a project. If you do not need a lot of topsoil, let neighbors know you are in need. Those doing landscaping projects may be happy to give you their excess soil.

Classifieds such as Craigslist may also post ads giving away free topsoil. Check out the free section of your local Craigslist, or post your own ad in the wanted section.