What Place Sells Some of the Top-Rated Smoke Detectors?


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First Alert sells some of the top-rated smoke detectors of all types, including photoelectric, ionization and dual sensor. The International Association of Fire Fighters, the largest fire fighters union in North America, recommends photoelectric smoke detectors out of the three types of smoke detectors on the market as of 2015.

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Photoelectric smoke detectors rate highly because they do not cause as many false alarms as ionization and dual sensor detectors. To detect early fires in their smouldering stage, photoelectric detectors work best because they are sensitive to large combustion particles. The best smoke detectors are easy to install, run on battery power and have a five- to 10-year warranty.

Homeowners can choose a variety of well-reviewed smoke detectors from First Alert. The First Alert store sells some of the best photoelectric detectors, such as the Onelink Wireless Hardwired Smoke Alarm. This detector works with other Onelink battery powered detectors in the house to trigger an 85 decibel alarm on all of them if it detects a fire. The detector does not react to shower steam or cooking smoke due to its smoke-sensing technology, and it also has a mute button to remove the worry of false alarms. The smoke detector has an optional antitheft lock and comes with a 10-year warranty, which both ensure the safety of homeowners.

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