Where Is the Best Place to Plant a Gardenia Bush?

According to Home Guides, gardenia bushes grow best in areas with plenty of sunlight and humidity. Gardenia bushes require low salt soil, as well as soil with a pH level below 7.0. The National Gardening Association recommends not planting gardenia bushes near concrete walls or walks due to high levels of soil acidity.

Gardenias do well in areas where there are not any competing with roots from other plants and are ideal bushes for large pots or containers. Ample space is required for gardenia bushes planted in the ground. Ideally, gardenia bushes require 3 to 6 feet of space between them to grow properly.

Gardenias require regular upkeep. Southern Living recommends mulching the bushes and providing a mixture of fish emulsion or blood meal and acid fertilizer every few weeks during the growing season. Gardenia bushes also need regular pruning to remove faded flowers and broken or stray branches.

Gardenia bushes can experience issues such as bud drop when there is too much humidity or not enough light. Typically, gardenias do not like change, and moving gardenia bushes from one place to another can also cause bud drop. Air that is too dry can also cause bud drop, as well as other problems.