Where Is the Best Place to Install an Acme Wood Furnace?


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The best place to install an Acme wood furnace is on a concrete pad approximately 5 feet by 10 feet in order to provide room for the furnace and a person loading wood. The furnace should be located 40 to 100 feet from the house or other structures.

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A small shed houses the Acme wood furnace, and it should be built with the door facing away from the house. A homeowner's insurance policy should be checked to make sure the distance specifications comply with any specific safety requirements. Insulated pipe must be installed 30 to 36 inches underground, so any potential obstacles to this process should be considered when deciding on a location. The furnace should be seated on the slab in such a way that the back panel is easily accessible in order to connect to the underground pipes. Depending on the distance from the furnace to the home and any elevation rise, a larger pump may be required.

A heating and cooling company or the buyer can install an Acme wood furnace. Various models weigh between 1800 and 5000 pounds, so heavy machinery such as a forklift must be given a clear path to the location of the furnace. A fresh water supply is required, which can be achieved with a separate line or by installing a valve on the return line.

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