How Do You Place Cabinet Pulls?


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When installing cabinet pulls, line up the pull with the top of the door rail and center them on the door stile. Temporarily attach the pulls with adhesive putty so that they can be adjusted easily before making the installation permanent.

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Although there is no right or wrong place to install a cabinet pull, there is a standard most homebuilders abide by. There are many tips available to help with installing cabinet pulls.

  • Use the door rail as a guide: Often, cabinet pulls are placed on the door stile and aligned with the top of the door rail. Using the door rail as a guide provides an even installation.
  • Try out different spots: Pick up some reusable adhesive putty and try out different spots on the cabinet door. Mark the best spot with a pencil.
  • Try out a template: Pick up a template at a home improvement store, or make one using two pieces of wood. This makes installing cabinet pulls much easier.
  • Hide the holes: When installing new pulls on older cabinets, try hiding the holes with back plates available at most home improvement stores or at many online retailers. Another way of hiding old holes is to mix wood putty to match the cabinets and using this inside the holes.
  • Use thread sealant: Use thread sealant when installing a cabinet pull to keep the screws tight.
  • Install the pull higher on the bottom drawer: This configuration looks great and prevents users from having to bend over so far to open the bottom drawer.
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