Where Is the Best Place to Advertise for House Cleaning Services?


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Placing an ad in the local newspaper under the Services Offered section is an effective means of advertising for new cleaning businesses. Small advertising flyers are a good alternative if one wishes to canvass a particular area.

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It is recommended that if one advertises in their local newspaper, it is best to test the effectiveness of the ad by paying for a week's worth of space. Should results not meet one's desired effectiveness, it may be best to move on to another newspaper. Keep in mind that the paper used for advertising does not need to be the city newspaper. In fact, smaller papers are often a better alternative, as they cater to a more specific area.

If flyers are implemented, consider the area chosen for canvassing. There is no point to advertising cleaning services in an area that will probably not utilize them, or can not afford them. Keep canvassing schedules in rotation, and advertise in a particular area every 60 to 90 days to ensure word of mouth is kept without being seen as a nuisance by the neighborhood. Either of these techniques can be effective, but one may consider using both methods to ensure name recognition.

Most importantly, after advertising pays off, work to ensure repeat business. Negative experiences resonate longer in business than positive ones.

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