How Do You Find Pipe Thread Data?


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Find pipe thread data on the data tables and explanations available on the website of the Plumbing Supply Group, LLC. The company provides data on male and female pipe threads and a glossary of commonly used pipe thread acronyms.

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Individuals not accustomed to the plumbing industry's pipe thread measuring system may mistakenly measure pipes to determine which size is appropriate for a project, inadvertently purchasing the wrong size pipes as a result. The thread size of a pipe is determined by the characteristics of the inside of the pipe, corroborated through the use of a table with the size of the pipe's outside diameter. For instance, a pipe of thread size 1 actually features an outside diameter of 1.315 inches. Such a pipe has 23 threads for every 2 inches of pipe, and a normal engagement for tight joint rate of .6828.

Members of the plumbing industry frequently use a number of acronyms to refer to various types of pipes and threads. Individuals who wish to understand pipe thread data need to be familiar with acronyms such as NPT, which refers to tapered national pipe threads, and NPSI, which refers to the American National straight intermediate pipe thread. Some of these threads are interchangeable, while others are not.

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