How Do You Get Pink Dye Out of White Shorts?

Use chlorine bleach to remove the pink dye from your white shorts, as long as they are safe to bleach. The process takes just a few minutes with chlorine bleach, but the shorts need to air dry to ensure all the traces of pink disappear. If you prefer to avoid chlorine bleach, substitute oxygen bleach, and increase the soaking time.

  1. Read the label

    Determine if it is safe to use chlorine bleach on the shorts. According to Chlorox, bleach is safe for most fabrics, with the exception of wool, silk, leather, mohair and spandex.

  2. Mix the soaking solution

    Mix 1/4 cup of chlorine bleach in 1 gallon of water. Use the hottest water that is safe for the garment. Avoid spilling or splashing this solution, and use rubber gloves to protect your hands.

  3. Soak the item

    Place the stained shorts in the solution. Allow them to soak, fully submerged, for 5 minutes in the chlorine bleach solution or for 8 hours in the oxygen bleach.

  4. Rinse thoroughly

    Remove the shorts from the solution and rinse them thoroughly. If there are still signs of pink, return them to the soaking solution for more time. If using oxygen bleach, mix a fresh solution before the second soak.

  5. Avoid machine drying

    Heat tends to set many dyes and make them more difficult to remove. Don't place the article in the dryer until all traces of the pink stain are gone.