How Do You Pick Shingle Colors?

How Do You Pick Shingle Colors?

Choose shingle color based on the home's style, personal preference and where the home is located. Many homeowners select a color that coordinates with the brick or exterior paint color.

One of the best ways to choose a shingle color is to drive around the neighborhood and look at roofs. Pay attention to what colors are popular, and make a note of favorites. Homes with similar architectural style and size are good examples to compare.

The roofer often provides sample shingles to help homeowners make a decision. Samples allow homeowners to compare the color to their paint or brick and to their current shingle color. Contractors can also direct homeowners to a house with the same roof color they are leaning toward so they can see the singles on a larger scale.

Another element to consider is where the home is located. Dark shingles hold in heat, which is important in parts of the country that are cold much of the year. White or lighter colored shingles help to reflect sunlight, which is more important in the South, where soaring temperatures in the summer need to be considered.

One rule most roofers recommend is to choose a shingle color that contrasts with the home's exterior. Choosing a color too similar can create an uninteresting, monotone look.