How Do You Pick Pecans?


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Gather fallen pecans from the ground as soon as possible. Hit the branches with a sturdy stick to knock ripe pecans onto the ground to make the harvesting faster. Pull the pecans out of the husk and throw them into a bucket. Keep them dry and away from rodents.

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How Do You Pick Pecans?
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  1. Knock the ripe pecans onto the ground or wait for them to fall

    Pick the pecans up from the ground as soon as possible. Water causes them to rot. Squirrels, birds and other animals also love nuts and will take many away if the pecans lay there for very long. As the pecans ripen, go check the trees every day or so, and pick up those that have fallen.

  2. Pull the pecan shells from their husks

    The husks turn brown and split open as the pecans ripen. A few may still be attached. If they are stored with the nuts, they cause spoilage.

  3. Store the nuts properly

    Store the pecans in their shells for a few months. Keep them away from water, bugs and rodents, but let air circulate around them. Shell them, if desired, and store in a cool, dry place for up to a year. No matter how you store your nuts, keep the pecans cool and dry so they last as long as possible.

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