How Do You Pick Locks?


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To pick a pin and tumbler lock, insert the tension wrench and turn it, insert the pick into the key hole, increase pressure with the tension wrench, listen for the click as the pin moves, continue working through all the pins, and turn the wrench to open the lock. The time it takes to pick a lock varies according to your skill level, and the task requires a tension wrench and lock pick.

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  1. Insert the tension wrench

    Gently push the tension wrench into the keyhole. Turn it slightly in the same direction as a key would go. This positions the plug ,or a cylinder controlling the pins, slightly off center.

  2. Insert the lock pick

    Insert the curved end of the lock pick into the keyhole above the tension wrench.

  3. Push the pins

    Increase the pressure with the tension wrench slightly. Work the lock pick, and try to maneuver the first pin onto its ledge inside the housing.

  4. Listen for a click

    While maneuvering with the lock pick, listen for a small click. That's the sound of the pin falling into place.

  5. Keep pushing and maneuvering

    Once you have heard the click, push the tension wrench in deeper. Maneuver the lock pick to work on each successive pin. Most locks have five pins.

  6. Open the lock

    Once all the pins are resting on their ledges inside the casing, rotate the plug as if using a key, and open the lock.

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