How Do You Pick Flowers and Plants for an All-Year-Round Garden?

How Do You Pick Flowers and Plants for an All-Year-Round Garden?

Choose plants with different blooming times to create a garden that is beautiful throughout the year. Knowing what plants and flowers bloom in each season and then planting accordingly is beneficial for planning a year-round garden.

  1. Check planting zone

    Plants for a year-round garden must be appropriate for the zone. Plants are rated by their zones, and some are not hardy enough to tolerate cold winters, while others thrive in cooler summer conditions. The local extension office is a good source of planting zone information.

  2. Look for year-round colors

    It is easy to find plants and flowers that offer colorful blooms in the spring and fall. For a stunning year-round garden, look for ways to add color in the fall and winter. Pick flowers that bloom in the fall, such as asters, mums and pansies. In the winter, choose plants with colorful berries, such as holly. Planting evergreens is another way to add color in winter.

  3. Arrange plants together

    Before planting, think about when each desired plant blooms. Try to have at least two plants or flowers that are at their peak during each season for maximum color. Arrange plants so that the entire garden features color throughout the year. Remember that even when some plants aren't in bloom, they provide beautiful color and interest with their leaves and stems.