How Do You Pick an Exterior Paint Color Combination?

How Do You Pick an Exterior Paint Color Combination?

To pick a good exterior paint color combination, consider the architecture of the home, the color of the neighboring houses, the landscape around the home and the roof color. Avoid color combinations with extreme contrasts and try choosing colors from a single family.

If the architecture of the home reflects the old style, opt for historically accurate but bright colors that highlight the architectural details. White tends to be the color of choice for buildings with a traditional architecture.

If the neighborhood is conservative, avoid using colors that are too modern and jarring to the eye, such as fluorescent green and bubblegum pink. In addition, do not copy the color combinations of neighboring structures, although the color ideas can be borrowed.

If the landscape around the home is filled with trees, choose colors that reflect earthiness, such as brown and green. If there is a beach nearby, pick coral colors, bright blues and turquoise. Also, ensure that the color combination of the home exterior is in harmony with the roof color and the natural color of those home features that are not to be painted, such as a brick wall, railings and steps.

Strike a balance between too many and too few colors in a combination, use accent and darker colors in smaller areas, and consider using a darker and lighter shade combination instead of contrasting colors.