How Do You Pick a Bathroom Lock With a Circle in the Middle of It?

To pick a bathroom lock with a circle in the middle, straighten out a paperclip or bobby pin to use as a makeshift lockpick. You could also use a long, thin needle to pick this type of lock. Do not insert the lockpick at an angle; insert it directly into the hole in the center until you hear the door unlock.

  1. Gather your materials.

    You can use household items or a lock pick kit to unlock the door. A large or small straightened paper clip, a bobby pin of any size, or a thin knitting needle should all work.

  2. Insert your lock pick directly inside the center hole

    Insert the lock pick straight into the center hole. Do not bend the lock pick or insert it at an angel.

  3. Push the lock pick deep inside the middle of the doorknob

    Once you push your lock pick in the very center of the locked knob, you should hear the door unlock from the other side.

  4. If the door doesn't unlock right away, wiggle the lock pick

    If the door fails to unlock right away, try using a very thin Phillips screwdriver. If one is not available, push the lock pick you used in the previous steps inside the doorknob hole again, and twist it around until the door unlocks.