How Is a Philodendron Pruned?

A philodendron can be easily pruned by cutting stems while maintaining one or two leaves per shoot so each pruning has leaves and a stem segment. The pruned segments can be bunched together in the same pot to form a new plant.

A philodendron is an easy-to-grow houseplant that requires very little maintenance. To maintain ideal health and size, regular pruning is recommended.

  1. Stem pruning of the plant
  2. When pruning the philodendron, remove shoots and shoot tips when they are small. Pruning increases branching of the stem and results in a healthier plant.
  3. Root pruning of the plant
  4. When the plant has outgrown the pot, root pruning is advisable. Pull roots from the root mass and cut them 1 inch from the soil mass.
  5. Repotting the plant
  6. To plant root prunings or repot a plant into a different container, choose a pot large enough to accommodate a 1-inch packed soil base leaving a 1-inch border on all sides of the pot.