How Does the Philips Airfryer Work?


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The Philips airfryer uses a top grill and high-speed air circulation in a special, patented combination called Rapid Air technology which causes hot air to encompass and circulate around items in the food basket. This process simultaneously heats the items in the basket from all sides, allowing the fryer to prepare foods quickly that are crispy on the outside and moist on the inside while using no oil, shortening or fat.

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Although sunflower, peanut, olive or flavored oils may be added for taste, the Philips airfryer uses only the high-speed, circulating hot air to heat, cook and crisp foods. Regular fryers use oils and fats to create the crisp outer layer of foods, which makes the airfryer a healthy alternative to deep-frying. Air-fried foods, such as french fries, contain approximately 80 percent less fat than deep-fried french fries. Hand-prepared foods, including fresh cut fries versus frozen, further lower the fat content in air-fried foods.

The Philips airfryer includes a manual that offers common food measurements and cook times for ease of use and fast results. This appliance does not need to be pre-heated, which adds to its time-saving properties, and includes a programmable, automatic shut-off timer to prevent foods from overcooking.

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