Does PEX Plumbing Eliminate Any of the Problems Associated With Copper Tubing?


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PEX plumbing tubing features many advantages when compared to copper tubing, including lower cost, quicker installation and better durability. PEX tubing is also known ascross-linked polyethylene.

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The benefits of PEX tubing as compared to copper are:

  • Length : PEX tubing is flexible, so rolls of tubing are available in multiple lengths, and because they roll up, they are easy to store and carry.
  • Cost : PEX tubing typically costs less than copper tubing, which can be as much as one-third of the cost, depending on the area.
  • Quicker installation : because PEX tubing is flexible and available in multiple lengths, installation is typically much quicker with PEX than with copper options. Using the cinch clamps to connect the tubing is also faster than soldering copper fittings.
  • Heat transfer : PEX tubing acts as an insulator, while copper tubing does not, so the PEX tubing will feel cooler to the touch.
  • Durability : PEX tubing is not affected by acidic water in the same way that copper tubing is, so in areas with this type of water, PEX tubing is a more durable option and will not experience the same corrosion that copper will.
  • Easier to repair : In instances when the tubing requires repair, PEX tubing is easier to cut out and replace as compared to copper options, which will require additional soldering.
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