What Is the Pex Pipe Lawsuit About?


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The lawsuit regarding Pex plumbing products alleges that Pex's manufacturer Zurn designed, manufactured and distributed plumbing fittings that prematurely degrade and leak, causing corrosive damage to property. According to the lawsuit, Zurn should pay for damages that result from the defects.

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Between 1996 and 2010, Zurn allegedly designed and sold F1807 pipe fittings that were subsequently found to degrade prematurely, potentially causing leaks and leading to corrosive damage. Although Zurn denies any wrongdoing, the company agreed to a $20 million class action settlement that allowed it to avoid any future litigation regarding the Pex F1807 product or it alleged defects. Both the plaintiffs in the case and Zurn agreed to this course of action as an effort to avoid a trial that would cost both parties considerable time and money.

Zurn continues to deny any defect in the product, asserting that the fittings function properly and indicating a number of installations of the product in question where the pipe fittings continue to function without issue. Furthermore, Zurn claims that other factors, such as improper installation or corrosive water, can cause the fittings to fail. As a result, Zurn asserts that the F1807's warranty should not cover the cost of any damage incurred as a result of the fitting's failure.

Claimants have as long as 12 months after the occurrence of the leak to file the claim. However, a condition of the settlement stipulates that the company only accepts claims filed before April 1, 2020.

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