What Are Pest Control Options for Getting Rid of Pigeons?


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Pest control options to get rid of pigeons include using live pigeon traps, using pigeon repellents and destroying pigeon nests. Other ways to get rid of pigeons are modifying the property with pigeon spikes, bird netting or bird wires so it is pigeon-proofed, and removing all outdoor sources of food or water.

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What Are Pest Control Options for Getting Rid of Pigeons?
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Using live pigeon traps is an effective way to get rid of pigeons and comes highly recommended by experts. The best type of pigeon trap is a bob trap, which consists of a one-way door that shuts as soon as a pigeon has been lured inside. Leave bait such as wheat or cracked corn to attract pigeons into the trap, as well as some decoy pigeons to fool the birds into thinking it's a safe place to enter. Once the pigeons are trapped, it is best to kill them instead of taking them somewhere to release, as due to a pigeon's homing ability it would most likely fly right back after being released.

Pigeon repellents are another effective way to get rid of pigeons, especially if placed in the pigeons' roosting areas. Pigeon repellent comes in gel or liquid forms, and repels the birds by being soft, sticky, or hot, from the inclusion of capsaicin derived from hot peppers. These products only work on a temporary basis and must be reapplied regularly for best results.

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