What Are Some Pest Control Options for Bees?


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The best method of controlling bees is to determine the type of bee, such as bumble bee, carpenter bee or honey bee. The only way to get rid of bees completely is to remove the hive.

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With bumble bees, the best thing to do is to get rid of the entire hive, also making sure the queen bee is gone. Hives for bumble bees can be found at ground level, usually in compost piles, underneath sheds or in holes in the ground. Some of the hives are also in the trees or in birdhouses. Be careful when taking these hives down, as bumble bees do sting.

Honey bees are typically near homes with honey production bee hives. These are small, black and yellow bees. Hollowed-out trees typically house the hive for this type of bee. This is a type of bee that dies after it has stung someone, since the stinger pulls out of the bee’s body. Carpenter bee hives are found in wood surfaces.

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