Where Does a Person Find Reviews for Goodman Furnaces?

Reviews for Goodman furnaces are available on FurnaceCompare.com, Amazon.com, Cheapism.com and ConsumerAffairs.com. The furnaces typically receive negative reviews for constantly being in need of repair. In 2012, Cheapism.com reported that Goodman was revamping its furnace line and encouraged readers to avoid models built before 2005.

Out of 401 reviews on FurnaceCompare.com, 43 percent of customers recommend their Goodman furnace, as of September 2015. Goodman ranks as the 38th most popular furnace brand out of 80 brands. Cheapism.com states that although past problems with Goodman furnaces seem to have been addressed, it may be a better idea to choose a more reputable brand. Goodman Manufacturing, as a whole, receives a rating 1.4 out of five stars on ConsumerAffairs.com.