How Does a Person Clean Chrome Exhaust Pipes?


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To clean chrome exhaust pipes, wash them with degreaser, then polish them with metal wax. If pipes are only lightly soiled, a cotton wadding product can make exhaust pipes shine.

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Use the following procedures to clean chrome exhaust pipes.

  1. Clean greasy chrome
  2. If the chrome is dirty but not rusted, coat the dirty chrome with degreaser, and let it soak on the chrome's surface.

  3. Remove degreaser
  4. Rinse the chrome with clear water.

  5. Polish the chrome
  6. Apply polish, then buff it off after it dries.

  7. Clean rusty chrome
  8. For slightly rusted chrome, gently scrub the chrome with cotton wadding products that combine the cleaner, polish and mildly abrasive cotton wadding. The wadding is just abrasive enough to scrape off bits of rust while the polish fills in the minute divots that form from the rust.

  9. Buff the chrome
  10. Shine the chrome with a soft cloth.

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