How Does a Person Clean a Chalkboard?

How Does a Person Clean a Chalkboard?

To clean a chalkboard, wipe it off, then wipe it with a vinegar and water mixture. Wiping first removes loose dust and using cleaner removes the rest of the chalk.

Use an eraser or soft, dry cloth to remove dusty chalk marks, wiping the entire board thoroughly. Getting chalk dust off the board reduces the chance of chalk smears when cleaning with vinegar and water.

Step 1: Mix vinegar and water

Pour 1/4-cup white vinegar into a small bucket, then pour in a gallon of warm water.

Step 2: Wash the chalkboard

Saturate a soft cotton cloth with vinegar water. Wring out the excess, then wipe the chalkboard, making wide paths. Work from the top down. Wet the cloth as often as needed. Let the chalkboard air dry before using it.