How Does a Person Build a Gazebo?


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Building a gazebo is a medium-sized project that requires the basic knowledge of carpentry and simple construction. The process involves laying down the ground posts, installing the floor of the deck and finally assembling the gazebo.

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Gazebos are ideal spots for social gatherings, parties and outdoor activities even when the weather is not conducive for such activities. A gazebo can be constructed without the help of a professional.

  1. Using a landscape marking paint, mark the deck area where the posts should go. Clear any plants around the area, and use a post hole auger to dig holes for the posts. Place the pressure-treated posts are into these holes, and then reinforce them with a mixture of concrete and water.
  2. Using decking screws, connect the center planks to the posts ensuring that the frame is level. Support the framing of the deck with sufficient joists at the center, and add cross supports and a center post to support the frame. Using deck screws, secure the center planks to the frame.
  3. After completing the construction of the floor of the deck, assemble the gazebo and attach it to the flooring. Fit the groove and tongue boards together and secure them with screws to erect the walls. Finally, place the gazebo in the ideal area of the yard.

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