How Do You View Perry Homes Floor Plans?


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Visit the Perry Homes and Perry House Plans website to view associated photos and floor plans. Perry Homes specializes in architecture, building and remodeling services.

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The Portfolio section of the Perry Homes website contains a variety of housing models. Each model varies based on geographic location. Some example models include floor plans from Chicago, Mettawa, Lake Forest, Northbrook and Middlefork Farms. Click on a specific location to view photos for a particular area in that home. For instance, photos are available for the bathroom, porch, exterior, kitchen and living room areas. Visitors can also find relevant contact information to learn more about the photos and layouts.

The Perry House Plans website allows visitors to customize certain features and view the associated floor plan. Some of the search tools let visitors change the number of bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, garage space, depth and width dimensions. Select all of the desired features, and then perform a criteria search. The results include a plan number describing the number of rooms and square footage for each home. Click on the picture of the home to view the associated floor plan. Visitors can print the basic plan or purchase a more detailed plan copy.

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